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Dear Guest,

Have you ever thought of human beings as one big family? Have you ever considered the whole world as your home? Did it ever occur to you that human beings complement each other? Look at how human beings share emotions of happiness, sorrow, and excitement. This harmony and uniformity in human nature brings about harmony and uniformity in values… shared universal values, including honesty, integrity, truthfulness, fairness, altruism, and responsibility.

Consider the act of stealing. Is stealing rewarded in any human community? Actions have consequences and as ethical individuals living in societies, we need to make sure our actions reverberate positive consequences and cater to the advancement of our societies. Democracy advocates that people are free to do what they want. True, yet this freedom is bound by the limits of individual and social welfare… the preserving of the ‘other'.

A wave of pure materialism is plaguing the human family. “Time is Money” they say…

Ads in the media are stressing more on individualistic behavior and portraying more consumption as more happiness. ..

Ads in the media are stressing less on altruistic behavior and sacrifice for the sake of great causes and common good. …

Ads in the media are stressing on ‘the (personal) ends justify the means' notion. …

Modern technology has facilitated the contagion of this media emphasis… Where does that take the human family?

Empathy, sacrifice, and caring are all characteristics of great men and women, the social leaders of their communities. If everybody minds his own business, who would care to make the world a better place! As Niche said, “ he who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how …”

Join our voice in this call for universal ethics…

Be a positive force in your community….


The more you give, the happier you will be…”Time is Adding Value”…

  Noha El Bassiouny  
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